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Government Mind Control: What???? Why???? The normal worldview: 99+% of people in the US have probably never heard of government mind control (other than in a movie)….

Government Mind Control – Why?

Government Mind Control: What???? Why????

The normal worldview:

99+% of people in the US have probably never heard of government mind control (other than in a movie).

“Common sense” says that such a thing is impossible. If it were true wouldn’t we know about it?

Yes, US citizens have been used for experimentation in the past without consent, but we’re beyond that now.

If our Congress knew of government mind control, they would certainly have stopped it.

In this day where the NSA knows everything about us anyway, what would be the purpose of making mind control slaves?


My journey into cognitive dissonance:

I have to start this discussion by saying that until recently if anyone said to me that there was a world-wide collusion that involved Satanism and the development of programmed, mind-controlled slaves by high level government, religious, business, media, and entertainment leaders, I would have laughed. My history is steeped in objective analysis and intense scientific inquiry where hypotheses are lightly held until they can be proven or disproven without challenge. In fact, for much of my life, although a “Christian”, I mostly dismissed the idea of the supernatural. [My path into the supernatural started about 18 years ago (that story for another time).] My view of reality was rather typical of most baby boomers. Life was yours to get. Hard work, thrift, and righteous living would lead to a successful, pleasant life for oneself and one’s children. And to some extent that was true. Although, in our case, the hard work was extreme and egregious, there was never any doubt that it was the correct thing to do. The fact that I started to go “insane” in a way that was no longer deniable about 11-12 years ago, I was sure could not be due to anything other than stress and fatigue. Extreme stress and sleep deprivation are known to cause physical and psychological problems. I knew that was my problem.

Being “the boss” of a large number of people for whom your capacity to get money is their sole source of survival creates significant stress. Nonetheless, year after year I wrote grants, published papers, and fought on the frontiers of science (including research on stem cells, tissue differentiation, and cancer development). I taught graduate students and medical students. I served on innumerable local and national committees. I directed a national research center. I had a medical practice. Oh and I had a husband and three children………..whom I didn’t see very much. Nonetheless, life was predictable. The boys got their Eagle Scout awards. The kids studied hard, got good grades, played in the band, and went to good colleges. Politics was far removed. Being totally wrapped up in my work, I had zero interaction with local people, entertainment, political causes, sports, – no social life ….nothing.

But the unprecedented  happened, and for many years I truly believed that I was not going to survive. Life became stranger than fiction. –  Why am I in this hotel room? What city is this? Who are these kids? Why do I have all these exams to grade? What do I do with the people coming into my office with results from today’s research? What is my social security number? Why does this person keep insisting that she knows me, telling me we wrote a paper together? Who is this kid who says he used to work for me? What year is it? Where did these shoes come from? We just took a vacation with the kids???  – – – I needed some rest. I thought a one week silent retreat would fix everything….. but it didn’t. After a week of relaxation and prayer, late on a Friday night I left from the retreat center and went straight back to work. Then there was counseling. Yes, I’ll go to a counselor and see if there are better ways to deal with stress! But the counselor told me I was trying to compete with my father, I was holding onto some childhood grudges, and I didn’t have a good attitude. Now it was harder and harder to stay alive. Fighting suicide became a continuous struggle. It was always at the front of my mind.

Very late one night in the lab, when I thought everyone had gone, I had to end it. As we were preparing a lethal injection, one of my technicians walked in. I was stopped. When I got home suddenly “I” became a 2 year old. What?????? Am I completely insane?????? Three mental health professionals recommended a specific counselor. I hated men, but this man was the only one they thought could help me. I had to go. I couldn’t not kill myself. I’d give him six weeks…..but then I didn’t remember what happened in our counseling sessions. At the end of each session he said it was time for me to go home, but I didn’t know what had just happened in the previous few hours. I was feeling more and more out of control – insane really. There was abject panic. And suddenly it was all over. The mind ruptured. There was no going back. I was 50 – long since many people would have broken down – but I had zero idea what was going on. I had no mind. I was bedridden. All I could think about was suicide.

My family can attest that historically I’ve seen no TV, seen no movies (except some kids’ movies), and basically listened to no music. All of those things made me crazy, so I didn’t do them – ever. The kids grew up without them. A year into therapy, during which I was completely non-functional, my therapist told my psychiatrist that I had Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). I’d never heard of it, so I read numerous scientific articles about DID, PTSD, and trauma and found out that DID was highly controversial. My psychiatrist primarily treated the profound depression and what he thought were psychotic breaks (They were different Alters). I spent those first years of counseling trying to not commit suicide, and I wept. Thankfully, a couple years in I was told about Restoration in Christ Ministries. My husband went with me to a retreat during which we both learned about DID and how it happens in general terms. Severe, chronic abuse at a young age. Of course that couldn’t be true of me. But Tom Hawkins kindly suggested that I not read about anyone else’s experiences and only deal with what came up in therapy. Safe enough. That was 11 years ago. Right now, with this blog, we are on the edge of “looking” outside and learning what other survivors have experienced. We’re learning of the very large number of mind control slaves who have broken out of their programming and are now telling their stories. I had no idea that my memories of government mind control were common to millions of people.

In the past 11 years we’ve accumulated a large number of notebooks from all of our therapy sessions, our prayer journals, a notebook of pictures done by various Alters (many of them painted in bl**d), and some poetry. Because we had no influence from media or other people’s stories, we know the memories are our own. They contain incredible stories of Satanic rituals,  the most vile one can imagine. There are stories of torture of all sorts… Stories of prostitution and pornography… Stories of seducing prominent people, blackmail, memorizing secrets, and death. Stories of incredible psychic experiences, astral projection, remote viewing, and Alters captured in very dark, demonic domains. Stories of internal castles, deep dungeons, and innumerable children (Littles). Still “I” maintained it can’t be true. None of it can be true. We’re just insane….. but then so are millions of others who now are breaking out of strict mind control. Across the world the minds of tortured human beings are being cast into the depths of hidden memories. The memories are beyond comprehension. For example, I knew the Nazi’s were involved because they often wore their uniforms. I knew my torturers were government people, because they told me that I was “chosen” by them to do experiments and secret missions. I knew that people in high places “appreciated” me because I went to the Oval Office. I knew that Satan was involved because I was held in captivity by many, many fallen high celestial beings, including Satan himself. And all this time “I” (Primary Presenter) maintained that these people, whom I didn’t invite and didn’t want in my body, were delusional and needed to “get over it”. Now I know that I know that Satanic Ritual Abuse and Government Mind Control are real.

At this stage of my healing, it’s now time to break the barriers to the world. Maybe many of you know, even more than do I, of the incredible documentation of people who have this same exact history. Children, even from before birth, are fragmented by torture, trained up in the deep darkness of various Satanic practices, programmed and split over and over to perform as sex slaves, money runners, and drug mules, and then chosen for specific government experimental programs to do whatever they desire. Often the families involved are multi-generational Satanists, and parents are multiples themselves. Most victims crash mentally or are killed in their 30s. I believe my work was my final program, which is why I lasted so long. Also, although polyfragmented, I was completely non-coconscious. But finally, “I” now have to admit that it’s true. It’s all true.

So why?????????????? Who would do this? For what reason? Why isn’t someone doing something about this? To understand you have to cast aside your “Leave it to Beaver” worldview. There are two fundamental processes going on here, and it is my hope that everyone in the world understands this in the very near future.


A bit of history:

Although the process of making someone into a multiple (DID) has been understood for thousands of years, during the two World Wars and then especially in the Cold War, the US government believed that Russian and Chinese governments had discovered “truth serums”, mind reading (via ESP), and the ability to make a Manchurian Candidate. The US government had to catch up. Many people are now aware that after WWII, the US government illegally brought into the US a large number of German scientist under Project Paperclip. These men jump started our space program and our mind control programs. Secrecy and urgency led to an abandonment of moral and ethical controls, esp. given the National Security Act of 1947. The CIA, FBI, and many arms of the military were involved. Given the secrecy, man’s “nature” took control. Power over completely defenseless children and their Alters led to extremes of abuse, funding streams (eg. pornography, prostitution, sex slaves, drugs/arms trafficking) for illicit government research, and the development of an underground culture that exploded in the US (and around the world), particularly in the 1960-1980s. When Congress investigated, it all went totally underground. The reason? The White House, both chambers of Congress, judges, governors, prosecutors, mayors, councilmen, police, sheriffs, schools, churches, and the media were all involved. There is today a vast underground network involving our military, many government agencies, and all of the above who dismiss, smear, spread disinformation, and deny justice to the huge number of American citizens who now have recovered their lives and know what happened to them. It’s an unimaginable travesty of American principles and justice, with no end in sight. No one is involved who hasn’t been put in positions for blackmail and/or death. But wait. There is more.

There is a second reason why government mind control is even more elusive to understand, unless one knows the “End from the Beginning”. Many people have heard and discarded conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, Masons, and other secret societies. We’ll talk more about these groups in future blogs, but suffice it to say that despite the ridicule the controlled media and complicit political elements launch on anyone who believes in such things, these groups exist and are extremely powerful. As discussed on our last blog, paganism/ Satanism has never died. The occult has been utilized to gain and consolidate personal powers for the elite for thousands of years. If you have no experience in any religion, this will seem unlikely. But the Bible has numerous examples where pagan rituals and spells led to very clear supernatural manifestations. Let’s put it this way, Jesus and the apostles believed that these pagan gods were not only real, but they had power. The pagan gods are in reality fallen “angelic” beings. About the time of the American Revolution, the ruling elite of Europe banded together to bring the power base of these Mystery Religions into a consolidated secret society called the Illuminati. Various occult societies, the Masons, and occultic bloodlines were included. Why? What could be attained by consolidating a bunch of pagans and Satanists? Answer: World Control. The New World Order. Are you laughing? I was. Really???? World control? But this is exactly the pathway that Hitler took for world domination. There is a well-known history of how the Third Reich depended upon the “power” of these Mystery Religions. And the power was real. Move to the US post-WWII. The Nazis who worked on government mind control for the Third Reich are imported to the US. Mind control is established. Psychic experiments are performed to increase spiritual capacities. A network of power-hungry, lustful men is established to play gods – League of Nations and then the United Nations – all under the control of international power-brokers who, while appearing to fight among themselves, are set on world domination. In the US. it is believed that a President hasn’t been “elected” by the people since Eisenhower, maybe before. Remember “hanging chads”? Remember Obama having 100% of the vote in many precincts and opponents having even a negative percentage????? Yes, it’s totally independent of party lines. Out front they fight. Behind doors, they are controlled. (Note that Bush Jr. is extremely good friends with Michelle Obama and that Bush Sr. is going to vote for Clinton (a Luciferian) vs. Trump (an outsider hated by both parties). Heads of the CIA. Secretaries of State. Congressmen. The same who’s who of participants in the network of government mind control slaves. OK. So power hungry people want to rule the world, and they think that maybe pagan gods can help. Is that it?


The Ultimate Plan:

Christians should be very familiar with the background story. Satan has dominion over the earth. Satan wants to rule mankind – actually eventually to eliminate mankind – but in the meantime he needs mankind to foil the return of Jesus Christ. (I’m sorry. If you don’t believe in Satan, you haven’t watched the news for a very long time.) We are not bloodline Illuminati, so what we report here is second hand, but very well documented. For Illuminists who have broken out of their mind control, they consistently will talk about The Plan. What is The Plan? The Plan is Satan’s scheme for world domination, which of course has to be done with men. Every student of history knows that the Elite really control the world. Even if there was a short time in US history that was truly a republic, once the Federal Reserve was formed, the domination of America was assured. Control of money is essential to control of people. (As an interesting aside, look at Gary Beaton’s historical documentary on the formation of the Federal Reserve. Gary Beaton is a Christian historian and prophet.) No one can argue that the 1800s and 1900s up to this very day have been unique in all of history. Some call it the Cambrian Explosion of History. Is this just a stutter in the evolution of mankind or is something up? Something’s up. Centralized banks fund both sides of world wars. Israel returns as a nation. Never in the history of the world has a nation that was dispersed for thousands of years been re-formed with its original language. Since WWII globalism has been the goal of both US political parties. Global industry. Bush Sr’s “New World Order” “A thousand points of light.” Europe becoming one economic force (EU). Inhabitants of the White House who are boldly Luciferian. An enormous world-wide attack on Christianity, which is the only force capable of resisting the coming cataclysm. Are we at the time to actually see The Beast, The False Prophet, and The Anti-Christ? (If you’re not Christian read the last book of the Bible called Revelation. It explains what is going to happen at the end of history as we know it.) No one knows. What we do know is that according to those close to Satan (which includes many government mind controlled slaves, esp. among the Illuminati), the time is near. Satan is getting all sorts of beings ready (something for another blog). Religious leaders who speak of Ecumentalism, an all encompassing religion of peace, are at hand and are found among many high level religious leaders of the day from Catholicism to the Charismatic streams. But what does this have to do with mind control slaves?

Many, many government mind control slaves have been programmed with sleeper cells. Sleeper cells are Alters who have been formed and programmed to come out in the future and do a specific job once a trigger is given to activate them. Jobs include forming an army, assassination, blackmail, secret curriers, etc. We had numerous sleeper cells. Obviously, many of us have now been deprogrammed, and we know what we were trained to do. A lot of the programming, esp. in the military, is to form an “end-time” army for Satan. Russ Dizdar in his book  The Black Awakening likes to call it Revelation 19:19; “Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to make war against the rider on the horse (Jesus) and His army.” Who are the armies of the beast? In part, they are programmed slaves. They have been secured for a future time when they can create the planned chaos that requires a draconian response from a ready-made political source, the establishment of a totalitarian regime for the purposes of “safety of the people”, and a world-wide government. Seems really, really unlikely…………..except the people doing the programming are planning on it. We were programmed to take part in it. There are some very public tests of how this can work. Think about those who have likely been victims in this game of secret religions, secret assassinations, and secret terrorism? Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan-Sirhan, Charlie Manson, John Hinckley, Jr., Mark Chapman, David Koresh, Tim McVeigh, John Salvi. There are others. Now look across the world? Are the children trained by ISIS to behead people, to become suicide bombers, and even to kill their own families mind controlled? Are the drug cartel gang members, who so often do ritual killings on our southern border with severe torture of their victims, mind controlled? What happens to the thousands of children who are kidnapped, never to be heard from again? And what about the many children born to teenagers in cults – those who were not immediately sacrificed? What is the government doing with all of them? Some are directly trafficked to other countries. The “chosen” are turned into government mind control slaves.


Why is the government interested in mind control?

So why would the government be interested in mind control? First, it’s Satan’s plan. Second, it’s part of the lust for power, money, and sex that feeds the elite in most countries. Finally, maybe it’s the “fullness of time.” We are in an instant able to communicate around the world. As noted in a previous blog, Targeted Ones are now controlled by satellites. They cannot escape. Trade agreements are international. Banking is international. What will happen when the estimated 4 million programmed people are released to do their final acts? A very small group of people know.

My hope is that by joining the chorus of survivors who are raising the alarm, the rank and file in this and other nations will wake up and fight. We are fighting against a political system largely under the control of a vicious agenda of Satanic power to unite the world’s political and religious systems under the false pretense of peace and prosperity. Until my system started to unravel, I had NO IDEA that any of this was going on. I would have NEVER believed it. I generally believed conspiracy theorists to be kooks. How could I possibly have been a slave in this agenda, working to further a Satanic plan disguised as a global good????? Breeding, rearing, and programming dissociated mind control slaves is the most powerful hidden mechanism, used by the elite, to steer our world into its final hours. As I write I am still amazed that I had no idea. Uninvolved people around me had no idea. But it’s true. It’s a horrible thing to discover. Only by the grace of God can one fully recover. People have to know. Millions of lives are at stake. Wake up, America. Read the stories of survivors. Study the background of the leaders in all aspects of government, religion, politics and entertainment. See with educated eyes. It’s all true. I’m living proof. Maybe many of you are also living proof. We must band together.

There are a number of survivor-initiated groups that are raising the alarm. Unfortunately, some have been doing so for decades without having brought broad attention to this travesty. Here are some resources: Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today (SMART), Stop The Crime, Survivorship.org, Restoration in Christ Ministries, Bride Ministries, Doug Riggs.


Tell me how you are doing

If you’re a DID survivor, I’d love to hear your story. It doesn’t have to be made public, unless that’s your desire. Communication with me can be strictly confidential. But consider telling your story. I think it’s very validating. I’d also welcome any comments on what I’ve written. Remember, no matter who you are or what you’ve been involved in, I’m praying for you.

October 2016
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