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Why another blog on Dissociative Identity Disorder? For years I’ve read blogs, articles, self-help websites, and the proceedings of action groups and conferences related to dissociative identity…

Why another blog on Dissociative Identity Disorder?

For years I’ve read blogs, articles, self-help websites, and the proceedings of action groups and conferences related to dissociative identity disorder, satanic ritual abuse, and/or mind control (DID/SRA/MC). I’m thankful for everyone who has shared their expertise, wisdom, and experience. So if the subject is covered, why do another blog????? How is this different?

First, this blog is not primarily informational, although there will be plenty of that. This blog is primarily relational. While I/we may have a story to tell, that’s not what this is all about. This is about your story, your life, and your healing.

Second, along the way we’ll talk about all sorts of healing techniques that are available, but here you’ll most likely learn about entirely new and very different approaches to healing. There is much more to healing than meeting your parts, working together, working through some of the horrific memories, diminishing the effects of PTSD, and/or doing partial or full integration. All of that is necessary, and quite frankly, very painful. This is not a pain-free ride. BUT in this blog you’ll meet and get to know someone who will faithfully walk WITH you through all of it. And that help makes all the difference in the world.

Indeed THE most important aspect of getting free from the effects of Dissociative Identity Disorder/ Satanic Ritual Abuse/ Mind Control is a relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m not at all saying that secular therapy is of no benefit. On the contrary, it is essential. Furthermore, having a relationship with Jesus is not at all synonymous with someone calling themselves a Christian. Many Christians represent Jesus very well. Unfortunately, many Christians do not. If you hate Christians, don’t stop reading. Jesus Christ is the most loving, caring, amazing person one can ever get to know. 2000 years ago He came to earth from heaven, took all the sins of everyone throughout all time upon Himself while dying on a Cross, so that if anyone accepts His sacrifice through repentance and wants Him to be their Lord and Savior, they can be washed clean of all their sins and start the most amazing relationship in all of eternity. This is available to YOU.

The next most important concept to understand is that despite what the secular world would teach, essentially ALL of the events related to the formation of Dissociative Identity Disorder (physical/ emotional/ or sexual abuse and/or abandonment) cause open doors for the demonic to take root. You say That’s Nonsense! There are no such things as demons. Well, the best proof is how you feel when Jesus gets rid of them. Probably the most common indication of demonic action, in our opinion, is the severity of the dysfunction, condemnation,  depression, suicidality, shame, hatred, anger, control and isolation experienced. But Jesus defeated them already on the cross. We simply have to accept Him and the Authority He gives Us to send them away. That IS FREEDOM!

You may say, “But I hate God. He wasn’t there when I needed Him. I don’t believe He’s even there. I hate the church. They are mean judgmental people. There is nothing God can do for me that will be helpful!” Yup. Been there. It’s OK. He still loves you more than you can know. He still longs to be a minute-by-minute friend in a relationship that’s greater than anything you can imagine on earth.

We’ve been in a LOT of support groups over the years. Our experience has been that many are out there all over the world who need help, but have no one to talk to, no one to teach them, and  most importantly, no one to intercede for them. Even if you hate or don’t believe in God, we’re here to support you. The Power of the Cross breaks ALL of the programming, ALL of the chains of the demonic, and ALL of the deep, deep seemingly incurable wounds of the body, soul, and spirit. People can get integrated (all the personalities becoming as one) after DID and still not be free. Only Christ can truly set you free. So in this space, there is help and there is hope.

There will be many references and links to information throughout, and to make it very clear, we are NOT offering any form of therapy.  The one absolutely unique aspect of this blog is prayer. Spiritual warfare. Having someone to come beside you in WAR against an unseen but powerful enemy that only Jesus Christ can defeat. Even if at this point you’re shaking your head and thinking “No, this is some whacko person; I’m not reading anymore”, wait. Watch. See what happens. There is FREEDOM in sight.

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