Lexicon • Freedom in Dissociative Identity Disorder

Lexicon Alters – another name for identities or personalities. Coconscious – identities within a system who know what each other are saying or doing. Demons – a…


Alters – another name for identities or personalities.

Coconscious – identities within a system who know what each other are saying or doing.

Demons – a general term used in this site to denote any evil supernatural being of any type or rank.

Dissociation – a mental process that varies from mild detachment to current surroundings (thinking of something else while you are driving home) to severe separation of all mental and emotional contact with reality into a unique identity.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) – the most severe form of dissociative disorder. Briefly, it requires at least two identities who can regularly take over executive control of the body. It is diagnosed by criteria in the DSM-5. Please refer to this or other websites to read all of the criteria: http://www.healthyplace.com/abuse/dissociative-identity-disorder/dissociative-identity-disorder-did-dsm-5-criteria/

Host – commonly used to refer to the identity who most often has control of the body. In this blog that personality will be referred to as the Primary Presenter.

Identities – individuals within a body. They range from fully developed personalities with unique memories, likes, physiologies, and life plans to fragmented parts that have extremely limited memory content.

Integrated – all of the identities are fused or seamlessly acting together as a single person.

Littles – identities who are children.

Luciferianism – (author’s definition) – the process of transcending human limitations through spiritual means in an effort to become gods.

Mind Control (MC) – controlling a person’s will, beliefs, actions, emotions, and/or thought patterns by using torture, drugs, hypnosis, or other technologies.

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) – the former name for DID

Non-coconscious – identities within a system who do not know others are there or what they are doing.

Parts – another name for identities.

Personalities – another name for identities.

Polyfragmented – The state of having numerous identities which may number even in the thousands. The average number of identities in DID is thought to be about a dozen.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – a condition where after witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event the person has flashbacks, increased anxiety, nightmares, and/or repeated thoughts of the event. These conditions cause dysfunction in living a normal life. PTSD is commonly associated with DID.

Primary Presenter – the identity who is most often in executive control of the body.

Ritual Abuse (RA) – physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and/or spiritual abuse done for the purpose of some religious or political agenda.

Satanism – (author’s definition) – any cult or occult activity that depends on or relates to acceptance or worship of evil supernatural beings. This may range from New Age practices to Black Satanic Masses.

Switch – the change of one identity controlling the body to another identity controlling the body.

System – all of the identities within the body.

Targeted Ones – individuals who believe they are now under a new form of mind control independent of the need for dissociation.